A trip down memory lane

If you’re fancy a bit of nostalgia and a night out at the same, you won’t regret a trip to The Royalty Picture House in Bowness.

It is a blast from the past, back to the days before blockbuster cinemas, large popcorn and oversized cola.

From the moment you step through the door, you’ve stepped back in time to your teenage years or even your parents’ adolescent years!

Some people may well have bigger TVs in their living rooms, but there is something lovely about the small screens and cosy seating. It’s no wonder they rent out the space for private parties as most families could comfortably fill the rooms for a private screening.

It may be old fashioned, but there is nothing old-fashioned about the choice of pictures as The Royalty is bang up to date on that one.

After a round of adverts, the curtain comes down, and there is an interval before the main event. Staff come round with tubs of ice-cream during the break which is just the icing on the cake!